Ghost Horse Vineyards

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Find Todd

Finding Todd Anderson is sometimes difficult, as he is regularly on the road, visiting his wine club clients and establishments that carry Ghost Horse Wine. You can contact us to schedule a Winemaker's Dinner or Wine Tasting with Todd if he’s in your area. Also, check to see if there are any dinners or tastings already planned at a local restaurant or wine bar.

For details of Todd’s schedule or if you have any questions please email:

You can also find Todd, best, by following him on social media and clicking from the links below.


All Current Syndicate Members Have An Open Invitation To The Ghost Horse Property For A Barbecue Or Dinner.  Based On Todd's Availability

December 8th - 11th: Ghost Horse Syndicate party - Las Vegas (Wynn Tower Suites)

January 20th - 30th: Taos Wine Festival, Taos Ski Valley New Mexico - Pop up party

February 23rd - 28th: Charleston South Carolina

March 11th - 19th: Pensacola Florida

March 22nd - 29th: Palm Desert

April 6th - 11th: Boston, Massachusetts

April 13th - 15th: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April 20th - 23rd: Redondon Beach, California

May 11th - 16th: Boston, Massachusetts

August 17th - 21st: Syndicate party - Brush Creek Wyoming, dates to be determined.