Ghost Horse Vineyards

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The Myth and Mystery of the Ghost Horse World

In the late 90’s, Todd Anderson, owner and winemaker of Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards, started to develop the most heard about, talked about wine in the world and kept it a secret for 10 years.

The first vintage of Ghost Horse was 2000 and it wasn’t until December of 2009 that the world discovered that these legendary wines did indeed exist. A double blind tasting called Cult Wines against Ghost Horse was held in New York City and the Ghost Horse wines have been some of the most talked about wines in the world since.

The vineyard is planted to 2200 vines per acre. The row spacing is 5 feet and the plant spacing is 4 feet and is managed to produce approximately 4 tons of fruit per acre.

There are 5 separate distinct Cabernets that are produced from the vineyard. Each of the wines are 100% Cabernet, come from a different part of the vineyard and have wine making techniques applied that are unique to each wine. Total production is 300 – 400 cases. Chardonnay was added to the portfolio in 2012 with 50 cases of production.

How do the wines stand up to the wines of the world? Cult wines against Ghost Horse, 100 point wines against Ghost Horse, Cabernets against Ghost Horse. Ghost Horse wines have come out on top. But as Todd Anderson says “Those other wines are in my cellar too”.