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January 12, 2016 | Cabernet Sauvignon | Ghost Horse World

Cabernet Sauvignon from soup to nuts

Cabernet Sauvignon for your dinner party

Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular choice for many wine enthusiasts worldwide. This savory, full bodied wine is one of the most popular of the red wines. Therefore, given the right brand for the occasion, you can serve it for every course during your dinner party. We want to share with you why we feel this way, and show you some of the great food pairings from appetizer to dessert.

To explain its uniqueness, Cabernet Sauvignon was originally produced in the Bordeaux region of France and the wine has been a favorite of the world for centuries. However, arguably, the best Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in Napa Valley. The bold and hearty flavor of the Cabernet Sauvignon works well with rich, flavorful foods and delectable dishes. Consider the following food pairings:

Meats and fish

For all the carnivores, we will start with the meats. In our opinion, a rich, full-bodied Cab is your best compliment for grilled steak, rib eye, and short ribs. Winter dishes such as hearty beef stew and roasted lamb are ideal. Fish or meat dishes that are seasoned with aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary, and thyme are enhanced and encouraged with Cabernet Sauvignon. By the same token, if your menu consists of gourmet burgers, you are still covered. If you prefer vegan or vegetarian fare, Cabernet works well with Portobello mushrooms. When it comes to fish, swordfish and tuna are best paired with Cabernet Sauvignon. It even works well with grilled shrimp.

Vegetarian dishes

Pairing Cab with vegetarian dishes is actually just the same as with any other dish. Dishes that are predominately tomato reductions, seasoned with balsamic vinegar, or other dishes that have a strong sauce component, pair well with Cabernet Sauvignon.


If you are serving hors d’ oeuvres, Cabernet Sauvignon gives you options for lots of cheeses. This also includes Gourmet burgers smothered in rich cheeses such as gouda, cheddar and mild blue cheeses.


Admittedly, cabernet sauvignon can be a tricky pairing for desserts, you just have to pick the right ones. So save the Muscat for another day and serve your guests desserts that are heavy with dark chocolate. This can be in the form of cakes, cupcakes, a deep rich pistachio mousse with chocolate frosting. Short bread cookies, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate can be wonderful. Tart berry pies and even cherry pie (avoid the sweet syrupy filling) will bring out the fruity taste of your Cabernet. Take care to avoid anything overtly sweet.

Ghost Horse Vineyard in St. Helena, Ca

Touring through Napa Valley is not complete without a visit to the Ghost Horse Vineyard, located in the Southeastern part of the Napa Valley, in St. Helena, CA up against the Vaca Mountain Range, home of some of the finest grapes in the world. The vineyard was planted in 1997 and has been owned by Todd Anderson, Celebrity winemaker of Ghost Horse wines at Ghost Horse World. Ghost Horse World is one of Napa Valley’s leading estates, and has become infamous the world over for the price and scarcity of its wines.

The vineyard produces 4 separate and distinct Cabernets. Each of the wines are 100% Cabernet. Part of what makes them distinct one from the other is that their fruit comes from a different part of the vineyard and each are produced by its own unique wine making techniques. Ghost Horse Wines, located in Ghost Horse World. Todd Anderson is one of Napa’s oldest Winemakers. He and his family have been making wine since 1983. The wines are highly acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon, bearing an incredible intensity of sweet fruit and exceptional length. The wines are absolutely an Occult Wine Experience! Contact Amy Ash, their general manager, to schedule a private tour of the winery or for a dinner in your area.


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