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December 23, 2015 | Napa Valley, Napa Valley Wineries | Ghost Horse World

Serving the right Napa wine with your holiday meal

Planning your holiday meals

To the uninitiated, selecting the proper Napa wine to serve at your holiday gatherings can seem complicated. Holiday foods are as varied in taste, flavor, and type, and making the right wine pairing can seem overwhelming for hosts who are bogged down in the details. Our own personal preference is to start with the wine, then decide what to serve with it. Whatever your methodology, we want to offer you a simple guide to have your guests raving at your knowledge of food and wine. Just relax, and remember that the best part of the meal is sharing it all with your friends and family. Consider the following pairings:

Cabernet Sauvignon

We might as well start with the king of wines. Cabernets range in body, from medium to full-bodied. This wine goes well with full-flavored foods such as roast beef, ham, or duck. Cab is also a great wine to pair with strong cheeses.


This California red wine is not to be confused with White Zinfandel, which is a blush wine made from the same fruit. Zinfandel is a heavier wine with a high alcohol content. Therefore, it works well with spicy foods. It is perfectly paired with turkey, ham, and roast beef.


Chardonnay is a white burgundy that like Cab wines, range in body from light and fruity to full-bodied. Chardonnays pair well with seafood, chicken, pork, pasta in cream sauces, cheddar cheese, and dishes with mushroom.

Pinot Noir

Continuing with the red wines, Pinot Noir is a rather versatile red wine that pairs well with a wide variety of holiday foods and flavors. It should be your “go to” wine when you have a diverse collection of guests for that turkey dinner.

Pinot Grigio

This is an excellent choice for informal gatherings for appetizers. It is light and easy to drink, when your guests are nibbling on hors d’ oeuvres. It is well paired with many holiday foods.

Dessert wines

Round out your meal by offering a wine with your dessert.  Consider a lightly sweet wine such as a Gewürztraminer or a Riesling. If you are seeking a sweet red, consider a Vintage port or Muscat.

Ghost Horse Vineyard in St. Helens, Ca

Wine tasting in Napa Valley is not complete without a visit to the Ghost Horse Vineyard, located in the Southeastern part of the NapaValley, in St. Helena, CA up against the Vaca Mountain Range, home of some of the finest grapes in the world. The vineyard was planted in 1997 and has been owned by Todd Anderson, Celebrity winemaker of Ghost Horse wines at Ghost Horse World. Ghost Horse World is one of Napa Valley’s leading estates, and has become infamous the world over for the price and scarcity of its wines.

The vineyard produces 4 separate and distinct Cabernets. Each of the wines are 100% Cabernet. Part of what makes them distinct one from the other is that their fruit comes from a different part of the vineyard and each are produced by its own unique wine making techniques. Ghost Horse Wines, located in Ghost Horse World. Todd Anderson is one of Napa’s oldest Winemakers. He and his family have been making wine since 1983. The wines are highly acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon, bearing an incredible intensity of sweet fruit and exceptional length. The wines are absolutely an Occult Wine Experience! Contact Amy Ash, their general manager, to schedule a private tour of the winery or for a dinner in your area.


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